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Cold, Windy with a Chance of SnowFlakes


Baby It’s Cold Outside… If you stepped outside already this morning, you were surely met with a certain brisk chill in the air.  Cold East Winds have already arrived as our next winter storm rolls in later today.

What We Know:

  • A Wind advisory was issued Tuesday through Wednesday evening for areas nearest the gorge but could have some impact.  Winds 25-35 mph with gusts to 50 mph.
  • A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for our area beginning at 11 am today.
  • Some snow is likely this afternoon starting around 2-5 pm for Clark County through Wednesday evening.
    • Snow.  Some snow, 1-3” is likely down to the valley floor in Clark County expected around 2-5 pm on Wednesday.  Snow showers may continue past midnight.    There are three scenarios, described to us:
      • The most likely scenario is for 1-3” of snow in our area with a worst case of 3-5” and a Dusting-1” best case.  The eastern parts of our county can expect the heavier accumulations, as you would expect.
      • Our heaviest snow is expected after  2-5  pm and through the evening commute,  snow may continue past midnight, as it tapers off into the east side/gorge.  East county may continue a bit longer.
      • The temperatures are expected to remain cold, and anything on the ground is likely to stay around Thursday and Friday.
  • Freezing Rain/Sleet is not currently forecasted for our area.
  • East Winds will continue through the event, gusting 35-45 mph in the eastern portions (Camas/Washougal) of our county.  There will be less wind as you move west.

Here are a few Winter Driving Tips from our friends at WSDOT.

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