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CRESA Dispatch Employee of the Year!


Carrie Johnson being named CRESA Dispatch Employee of the Year. With Leslie Chapman, HR Manager and Dave Fuller, CRESA Director

Each year, CRESA employees have a chance to nominate peers for Employee of the Year who demonstrate the CRESA Values. Two awards are given out, and one of those is the CRESA Dispatch Employee of the Year.  This year, Carrie Johnson has been named CRESA Dispatch Employee of the Year! Let us first take a moment to introduce you to Carrie.  We asked Carrie to share a little about herself, in her own words:

What do you like to do in your spare time? Travel!! I have a goal to see all 50 states by age 50..then I’ll start on countries.  I also love walks.. playing Pokemon Go (yes really!) .. Reading.. Walking with my husband.. and I have been known to play a slot machine or 2 (or 1,000) in my day. I also play piano but I’m definitely no Mozart.

Favorite Food?  PIZZA! Specifically, Blind Onion’s Breath Buster garlic pie is my fav- Plus, Mexican food, banana bread and probably have to throw ‘the tonight dough’ Ben and Jerry’s ice cream on there.

Favorite Sports Team or Hobby? I don’t follow sports, but I think my favorite hobby is cooking new things..and playing highly competitive Scrabble games. (Did you know that Qi and Za are words? Write that down)

How long have you worked at CRESA? It will be 13 years in September.. Doesn’t feel that long though.

How Did you first become interested in 9-1-1 Dispatching? Brent Donaldson (current VPD officer) used to be a coworker of mine in the restaurant industry.. he left to be a cop, and used to come in and tell me how I should do the same… When I said NO WAY, he said.. ‘What about dispatch?’   And the rest is history.

Carrie truly represents and displays the values of CRESA responders and work for the betterment of the community .  Below is Carrie’s nomination from a peer for Dispatch Employee of the Year.

Carrie Johnson
(Dedication & Integrity & Passion, Communication & Concern):

Carrie comes in everyday with a good attitude and work ethic.  She is compassionate, empathetic and patient with her callers.  She takes bad call after bad call without hesitation and always in a calm manner and a tactical tone.   She is the first to give her co-workers a helping hand, is pleasant, kind and caring.  Carrie never complains or gets involved in drama but instead uses her sense of humor to make us smile or laugh on tough days. She has stepped up into the AWC role when needed and is seen as a leader amongst her peers.

Thank You Carrie for being a wonderful role model!  Here at CRESA, we are fortunate to have you as part of the team!  Congratulations on being named CRESA Dispatch Employee of the Year 2018!

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