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Celebrating the 4th of July… Safely and Neighborly

The Fourth of July is a big deal here in Clark County and across the country as many love to celebrate Independence Day with lavish fireworks displays. As fireworks go on sale this week in Clark County, people often will call 911 to help resolve issues and ask questions.

As a reminder, please do NOT call 911 to report fireworks violations unless there is a fire, an injury or someone is recklessly using fireworks putting lives in danger.  We wanted to share answers to some of the most frequent questions we get here at CRESA 911:

When are they legal?

  • June 29th – July 4th, 9 am – midnight -Yacolt
  • July 1st -July 3rd, 9 am – 11 pm – Woodland 
  • July 3rd 9 am – 10 pm – La Center
  • July 3rd 9 am – 11 pm  – Battle Ground
  • July 4th 9 am – midnight- Unincorporated Clark County, Amboy, Battle Ground, Camas, La Center, Ridgefield, Washougal, Woodland, and Yacolt
  • July 5th 9 am – 11 pm – Yacolt 
  • Fireworks are Illegal at all times within the Vancouver city limits.  If you’re unsure if you’re in the City of Vancouver, check the website at
  • Clark County provides a handy online chart and interactive map that allows anyone with an online device to quickly determine the rules for fireworks based on their address.

What about the big noisy ones?  Aren’t they illegal?

Nope. Even the fireworks that rattle your windows and set off your car alarm are legal.  Unless you are within the City of Vancouver, where all fireworks are illegal.

What about the ones that shoot clear up into the sky? They must be illegal.

Nope – most of those are legal too. Exception:   If you are within the City of Vancouver, all fireworks are illegal. 

Here is a guide for identifying illegal fireworks and explosives.

Here’s a legal overview of state fireworks regulations..

What if someone is shooting fireworks “dangerously”?

It depends on what you mean by dangerously.  Is life or property at risk?  If yes, call 911.

My pets and livestock are being traumatized by the noise!

Fireworks can be traumatic for animals.  If your pet has issues with loud noises please contact your vet for solutions to keep them calm.

Here’s a good article about helping your pet cope with fireworks.

Do Not Call 911 –

** The same dispatchers that answer 911 answer 311… Please help keep these lines open for immediate emergencies.

  • Because your neighbors are setting off fireworks
  • Because it is 10:30 PM and you need to get up early tomorrow
  • The noise is upsetting your animals
  • If someone is using fireworks illegally within the  Vancouver city limits please call 311 or 360-693-3111.   You will be asked to provide an address or cross streets where fireworks are actively being used.

So when can I call 911?

  • If there is a fire
  • If there is an injury
  • If someone is recklessly using fireworks and putting lives in danger
  • If people are being reckless and putting others in danger

** The same dispatchers that answer 911 answer 311… Please help keep these lines open for immediate emergencies.

As a reminder, Fort Vancouver’s Firework Spectacular as well as Clark County 4th of July have both been canceled this year.   

How Should I Dispose of Fireworks?

Clark Public Health has provided information on how and where you can dispose  of both used and unused fireworks in Clark County.

Public Alert Link

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