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CRESA’s Employee’s of the Year!

Each year, CRESA employees have a chance to nominate peers for Employee of the Year who demonstrate the CRESA Values. Two awards are given out, and one of those is the CRESA Dispatch Employee of the Year.  The other award is given to an employee from one of the other three divisions (Admin Services, Tech Services and Emergency Management) from CRESA. 

Nate Myers

Nate Myers has been named CRESA Dispatch Employee of the Year! We asked Nate to share a little about himself, in his own words. Let’s first take a moment to introduce you to Nate:

How long have you worked for CRESA? 12 years 6 months.

What is the best part of working for CRESA?  The 4 on 4 off schedule.

What was the most interesting job you did before CRESA?  Loomis Fargo in Vegas.  It was the backup for the US Treasury, so there were always millions of dollars in the vault.  Also, I was able to be an extra on Criss Angel Mind Freak during my employment with them, too.

Brag about your family.  My parents are the most caring and considerate people. They will give you the shirts off their backs if you need it.  They constantly opened their home if someone was in need of a place to stay.  I have the greatest wife and step kids.  KimKim gives me love I never knew existed, always makes sure I am taken care of first and is the most amazing chef.  Josie, my daughter, is a great barista and is the first to ask if I need anything from town, or if she can help with errands.  Christian, my son, works at a warehouse in Camas and is always smiling.  I am his favorite, much to Kim’s disbelief. 

Tell us some of your hobbies?  I love being with my family, camping, paddleboarding, having bonfires and BBQ’s (well KimKim does all the BBQ work).  Taking long motorcycle rides on my Indian motorcycle on the backroads around my house.  Travelling, playing video games and just spending time with family and friends.

Aside from work, what is something else you excel at?  Helping others.

What was your favorite vacation and why?  The year KimKim gave up spending time with the kids on Mothers day and surprised me with a trip to see my Mom so I could spend mothers day with her when they were living in Georgia.  It had been so many years since I had spent a Mothers Day with my mom.  It was the greatest surprise and an amazing trip.

What food or drink item can you not live without?  Well water is the obvious choice, but I love rootbeer.  It is way too hard to narrow down food with KimKim as my wife.  

During COVID lockdown, what did you do to keep your sanity and have fun?  On my days off, I would go out on the back deck, have a cup of coffee and call my Mom and Dad.  It’s so peaceful and calming out in the country where I live.  Also, staying active in group texts with friends.  The conversations are always comedic relief, but can be therapeutic too if we just need to vent or talk things out, I have that group I can trust.

Last but not least, give us some words of wisdom that has helped you on your journey.  Be yourself, be honest and don’t be afraid to have tough conversations. 

 Here are Nate’s nominations: 

  • Nate is the go-to guy when you need to know a random CAD command, can’t figure out the phone, or just need a side hug (well, before COVID). He is hyper-aware of what is going on in the room and always is willing to help. When under pressure, he remains calm and cool….kicking butt day after day. He isn’t just a technical expert. He is caring and is one of the first to notice if you are having a bad day. He is super funny and I feel lucky to work with him.
  • I am nominating Nate for employee of the year. There are many reasons why, but let me highlight a few: he is “Mr. Fix It” when we have a tech problem and he consistently jumps into action to resolve the concern. He’s giving of his time to share his knowledge no matter what the scope if he knows sharing his perspective will make someone else’s life or job function easier. He’s “Mr. Cool” on the radio when big business is going down, the constant professional making CRESA and its team look their best.  One of his greatest attributes is I don’t think Nate has ever met a stranger, he is inclusive and diverse and a friend to everyone.
  • Nate is a certified training officer and this year he was a SME for our phone system cutover as well as traveling to Thurston County to assist them with their phone system cutover.

Kirsten Cole

This year, Kirsten (Kirby) Cole was also named Employee of the year representing the other departments of CRESA.  Let us first take a moment to introduce you to Kirsten.  We asked Kirsten to share a little about herself, in her own words:

How long have you worked for CRESA?  25 years

What is the best part of working for CRESA?  Flexible schedule, awesome co-workers, interacting with customers (I love talking with people!)

What was the most interesting job you did before CRESA?  Receptionist/assistant for a former governor of a neighboring state J

Brag about your family.  Married for 16 years (almost)…two awesome sons…two great grandkids… And, the best rescue kitty!

Tell us some of your hobbies?  Drinking coffee and shopping.  And, I love camping with my husband (I have to shop while en route because I don’t travel well with our trailer.  J)

Aside from work, what is something else you excel at?  Drinking coffee, shopping, organizing

What was your favorite vacation and why?  Puerto Aventuras – This was the most relaxing trip I have ever been on – and, the habanero salsa…the best ever!

What food or drink item can you not live without?  Coffee!!!

During COVID lockdown, what did you do to keep your sanity and have fun?  Drank coffee…lots and lots of coffee!!!  And, took neighborhood walks on the weekend.

Last but not least, give us some words of wisdom that has helped you on your journey.  I firmly believe in treating others as I would like to be treated and hold myself accountable when I don’t.

Here are Kirsten’s nominations:

  • Kirsten stepped up and took on a leadership role in the EOC for a position she was not trained for. She became the Logistics Section Chief and was responsible for keeping numerous care agencies throughout Clark County supplied with PPE. She worked tirelessly to take control of the effort and quickly became part of the Emergency Management Team. Without her hard work and leadership, the PPE Donation & Distribution Warehouse would have stumbled. Kirby also trained new EOC volunteers numerous times and worked to improve inventory management systems. Her teamwork, positive attitude, and non-stop work ethic during the pandemic created a bright & cheery space in a chaotic environment. 
  • Kirstin went above and beyond working in the EOC Logistics Section and the COVID-19 PPE warehouse in 2020.  Even though this was not her division or job description, she became absolutely essential to the efforts in the EOC, stepping up to lead the inventory, order tracking and fulfillment processes for the PPE warehouse.  She demonstrated incredible Dedication in this role, working many overtime hours in 2020.  She demonstrated exceptional Integrity in her attention to detail, organization and reliability.  She demonstrated consistent Creativity in developing many of the COVID warehouse processes and procedures from scratch, plus juggling her regular job duties.  She demonstrated clear Communication, training others on logistics section duties, and always keeping us informed of how the warehouse operations might affect us.  She demonstrated obvious Concern, understanding the importance of the work being done to distribute PPE and how it helped our community. It is obvious why Kirstin fell naturally into this important role in 2020; she is one of CRESA’s most competent, organized and reliable employees.  She is who you go to if you want something done timely and done right. 
  • Kirstin Cole was assigned to the EOC on March 16th, 2020, as the Logistics Section Chief with minimal experience and training. In the next eleven months she and Anthony developed a process flow that has resulted in the successful processing of over 700 requests from over 300 agencies totaling 3,235,680 items. She has coordinated the delivery of over 30,000 COVID test kits to local hospitals and clinics. She and Anthony developed a “just-in-time” training program that allowed us to onboard and train LOG section volunteers in under 4 hours.  During the first COVID peak (4/20-7/20) she supervised the onboarding and training of over 15 volunteers. She accomplished all this while still doing her normal job and maintaining a positive attitude.

Congratulations to both Nate and Kirsten!  In a year that had many challenges, thank you for your dedication!

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