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In Clark County there are two amateur radio (Ham) groups that support emergency communications in disasters,  ARES and EYEWARN.

Founded in 1989 Clark County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) is a volunteer organization of skilled and licensed Amateur Radio operators who provide emergency communication services during emergencies and disasters to CRESA and other public and private service agencies in Clark County Washington.

One thing 2020 showed us, is that our community needs a volunteer corps that is both mission ready and mission adaptable. In 2021 our amateur radio responders addressed the adaptability challenge in innovative, timely, and locally effective ways.  ARES leadership implemented a revised concept of operations to clarify the roles of various amateur radio response element; creating a common and focused program of services.  This was followed by a new training focus that looks to help ARES members to become multirole ‘volunteers with communications’ as opposed to simply emergency communicators; greatly enhancing the value and services ARES provides to Clark County.  And finally; a formal agreement was established between ARES and the Clark County Amateur Radio Club, creating a potential pool of over 300 additional emergency responders available to CRESA and other served agencies.  

In 2021, there were 99 ARES members who volunteered pent over 3252 hours supporting emergency activations, numerous exercises, and coordinating with other groups such as Alaska ARES, Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and EYEWARN.

EYEWARN is a ‘Clark County Amateur Radio Club’ program that reaches out to the over 2000 amateur radio operators in the county to ‘Report What They See’ in the event of a disaster.   The core EYEWARN member group consists of a director, and 8 net control stations. 

We greatly appreciate the time and effort our ARES/RACES volunteers have put in these past 12 months to adjust to the challenges we are looking toward. Please join me in thanking them for their dedication to supporting emergency services in Clark County

Thank you

Brian Landreth

CRESA Emergency Management Coordinator

Clark County

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