Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

Emergency Operations Center Training

The Clark Regional Emergency Operations Center, or "EOC", is a central location where local officials meet to coordinate their disaster response and recovery efforts. Police, fire, public works, and other emergency workers continue their work just the same, but the EOC provides them with the additional resources and information they need to protect the community.

The EOC organizational structure is modeled after the Incident Command System, a predetermined organizational structure that is used by almost all public safety agencies, and that is now federally mandated to be used in disaster management.

EOC Volunteer Position Openings

If you are not yet part of the EOC's staffing plan, check out the new video (25 MB, WMV file) produced by CVTV to find out more about how to get involved. The EOC is currently recruiting for more support staff and for Planning and Logistics Section workers. Download information on Planning (155 KB, PDF) and Logistics (156 KB, PDF) and see if you might be a good fit for either one of them. Support staff are part of the Logistics section. Fill out a volunteer application form (below) to be considered for a position in the EOC. A background check will be conducted after your application is approved.

EOC Training

Prior to registering online, you must first submit the EOC application found below. CRESA provides training in EOC operations to all approved applicants.Each specialized course offering is preceded by the Introduction to EOC course, which is a prerequisite. Please contact us for more information regarding your application, classes and prerequisites by calling (360) 737-1911 ext. 3962 and e-mail us at


Volunteer Application Form (DOC)

Volunteer Background Check Authorization (DOC) or (PDF)

Volunteer Emergency Worker Registration Form (DOC) or (PDF)